Food adventurist

Food is a major necessity in my life! It sparks conversation, makes you fall in love with a culture, and overall just makes you happy. I don’t always know the best places to eat, but I always remember a great meal when I’ve had one. Because I’m not a picky person at all I’m willing to try just about anything!

Animal caregiver

I absolutely adore animals; it was actually before I left for China that I considered becoming a veterinarian as a profession. I still love caring for animals in any way I can (and I’ve adopted 2 cats because of it), but just being around animals always makes me happy.

Exercise lover

This one is for my sanity than more anything else! Exercise has always made me feel good; so if I ever take a break from it and notice my mood being weird…it’s usually because I need to work out again! Plus it’s a great stress reliever!

Dream follower

I get so happy hearing about people following their dreams and/or doing what they love doing. A life can be quite mundane and boring if you’re not doing what you love! This is something I consistently work on, because we can all sometimes lose sight of the big picture.

Travel enthusiast

Was this one that surprising to you?? I didn’t think so. I looooove to travel and explore new places. With so many ways to travel now, the world really is small! Although it can be challenging at times, I’m always thankful that I get to experience the things that I do, and try to always keep an open mind.