Little things and new beginnings

I guess you never really realize how many friends you actually have until it’s time to say goodbye to them. Who knew I even had friends!

The few weeks before my trip to China have been an extremely sociable, and emotional time of my of my life. Even though it’s been a short amount of time, I feel as though I made some relationships closer and more meaningful than I ever have before. But isn’t that how humans are? We only notice what we have and what we’re capable of when it’s time to go or it’s our last shot. Whether it’s the ‘last words’ you have the chance of saying to a loved one and you realize what you have with that person; or my case, if you decide to leave everyone you know for a couple of years!

To make a side note: as most of you know, I’m dating Ryan. He is probably the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me! I probably could go on and on about why, but to make it relevant to the present time, I don’t know that I would have made this decision had not Ryan nudged me in the right direction. I always new, dating Ryan, that going to China would be inevitable. The timeline of when that would happen was very much unclear. So when I heard the news from Ryan about going to China it was like, okay! Let’s do it! But let’s be honest. I actually didn’t take it that well….you could probably ask Ryan. I like to come across cool and collected at first, because I honestly think that’s how I am. But then when I get the chance to think on my own; that’s when the wheels start turning and I start worrying. Which brings me back to why Ryan is such an amazing man. It’s been countless times that he’s calmed me down during the small questions that I worry about, that really don’t need worrying!  Anyways….WE’RE GOING TO CHINA FOR 2 YEARS! But as Ryan likes to put it…”my contract is for 3 years….sooo who knows what will happen”.

I am honestly and truly really excited for this adventure I’m about to go on. The point in time when I wrote this, I was on the plane to China. Because I am delayed in making this blog, these were my notes on the plane!

Thankfully I am in premium economy…so yes, I get some extra leg room and yes…the most important part is that I get unlimited alcohol. So I’m half way through my second glass of wine right now…that’s maybe about 4 glasses at a normal altitude? I actually don’t know how the science of that works completely, but I feel pretty normal in case anyone is concerned. So! Premium economy is great and I would highly recommend it or a 14 hr flight to Shanghai, China. Luckily it’s a direct flight! I also do not have anyone beside me right now (bonus!) so I can type this without anyone sneaking a peek. I guess I like to keep my stuff private! But I saw this man in the row beside me hit on the flight attendant. Right now he’s sympathizing with her about how tough her job must be! They had a real nice talk about it and why she was so stressed out about her job…awe man. You poor girl! You get to travel for a living. I’m being nasty, but she is actually pretty attractive, so I can’t blame the guy. Although I am currently checking to see if he has a wedding ring on his hand. I don’t want to look like a creep though so Im trying not to make it obvious. Yes…this is what goes through my brain when I’m trying entertaining myself.

Right now the movie Revenant is playing. I haven’t seen this movie before, but every time I see this actor with high eyebrows, I laugh. I remember him from that movie with Jennifer Anniston and Jason Sudeikis about a drug deal, “We’re the Millers”. He starts singing that “don’t go chasing waterfalls” song. Too good! “no ragrets” in his life that’s for sure. (If you haven’t seen this movie just imagine someone always looking surprised).

Also, no regrets in my life either. Back to this blog, I’m super excited to have this opportunity to live in China with Ryan, and hopefully learn some Mandarin! I know it will probably be challenging at times handling the ‘no personal space’ thing; but I have a different mind-set now, than the last time I was there. I understand Chinese culture a bit more than I had before, and therefore understand the people better. The beauty about this time around is that I know just how important it is to get outside and converse with people other than Ryan. Ryan and I will also have the opportunity to travel much more now. Being in China eliminates maybe some of the costs of travel because we’re closer to some places.  Hopefully we are able to do and see some cool places and/or countries on weekends when we can. I’m really looking forward to everything right now, because to be honest, there really isn’t much to be sad about! Other than having to say bye to everyone at home.

Saying goodbye to family was for sure the hardest. I wanted to cry every time, but I did my best to hold it together. Saying goodbye to my parents at the airport was the toughest for sure. My parents and I sat down for some Starbucks and we were all really quiet. Anyone who has been to ‘Friday night pizza nights’ at my parents house knows that my family is anything but quiet. No one really wanted to speak because we were all scared to say something that would make someone cry. It was really tough! But considering I didn’t want to go through security bawling my eyes out, I did my best to keep it together. But really, it isn’t a goodbye, just a see you later. I will be back in December to celebrate Christmas with the family! And thank goodness for technology! I’ll be able to keep in touch with people through Facetime. What would be even better is to get some people over in China for visits!

My parents have been wonderful in this whole process. My mom has done an insane amount and has also set me up with an 8 month supply of vitamins which I am dearly thankful for! I shouldn’t catch any weird parasites this time! Last time I was in China, which was about 2 years ago, I got this really strange parasite that went to my brain and affected my emotions. So, unfortunately for Ryan, if I was really hungry for example, and didn’t have near immediate satisfaction, I would sometimes get really upset and start crying for no good reason! That was fun…..can you see yet why Ryan is so wonderful??

Anyways, I shall continue to watch this Revenant movie, even though I’m not totally positive on whats going on right now. I think Leo is getting ripped to shreds by a bear?? Geez.

How do you say bye in Chinese..Zai jian! (I think).




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