Chikity China the Chinese Chicken

I’m probably the least creative person I know; or at least I have yet to really discover this part of me. You can probably tell by the way I begin to describe this blog to you, but part of the reason for this blog is to work on my creativity.

My name is Marisa (Ma-reeese-a) Toffolo. I understand my name says ‘tofu’ when in fact it is probably the one food on this earth that I dislike the most. I found out that my boyfriend Ryan and I were going to China about a year ago. So I thought it was suitable to make my last name a spin-off of a popular food here in China. I arrived here in Wuxi, China officially on April 12, 2016 and so far I’m loving it and have another 2-ish years to look forward to! I left quite a few friends a loved ones at home and I’m going to miss them all a great deal. I created this blog so that anyone who is interested in my travels during this period of my life is free to stay update! With the time being the complete opposite of what it is at home (I’m 12 hours ahead!), I wanted to create a way for anyone to know what I’m up to. I hope this comes to you as some form of entertainment, as I’m sure I will learn and experience VERY interesting things during my time here in China.

Feel free to send me any questions, comments, or suggestions my way!

**Note: Anyone that knows me will know that I would never intentionally hurt someone (unless I am possessed by hunger). I hope that nothing I post is offensive to anyone, however I am pretty much analyzing a culture the way I see it so I probably won’t please everyone.


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